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EMDR is an integral part of MATH, it is the only cognitive behavioral therapy, recommended by the High Authority of Health (WHO). In the United States and in Europe hospitals have installed specialized departments applying EMDR Therapy. EMDR has been created and developped in the United States from the end of the Vietnam War to manage post-traumatic conditions and depressions. The impressive effectiveness of EMDR then led through the decades to its worldwide development. EMDR is integral part of the MATH therapy and applies for the treatment of trauma, emotional shocks, any type of harassment, burnout, separation, divorce, bereavement, domestic violence, incest, rape, distant childhood trauma, dysfunctions, obsessions, anxieties etc. EMDR and MATH is also adapted to other more daily life related problems phobias, claustrophobia, fear of flying, blockages or desire to stop smoking.



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